10 jaw-dropping images from the film «Mars et Avril,» and how the magic was created

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Science-fiction films do not come cheap. Star Trek Into Darkness reportedly had a budget of $190 million, while the Will and Jaden Smith vehicle After Earth, which opens this weekend, cost $130 million. (Side note: Jaden Smith recently shared with New York Magazine that his dad watches «hours and hours of TED Talks.») That’s why it’s so thoroughly amazing that Mars et Avril, a stunning sci-fi epic set in Montreal 50 years in the future, was made with a budget of just $2.3 million.

[ted_talkteaser id=1760]»I made a film that was impossible to make, only I didn’t know it was impossible,” says scriptwriter, director and producer Martin Villeneuve in today’s TED Talk, given at TED2013.

In the talk, naturally, Villeneuve reveals how he did this: with very creative problem-solving. For example, when Canadian superstar Robert Lepage said he would only have a few days available for filming, Villeneuve opted to turn…

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