Women tribute rock bands

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This music video from Britain says about itself:

The Slits-Vindictive

Bio by She Rox All Female Bands: The all female British punk band the Slits formed in 1976, and were an integral part of the British punk scene of the late 1970’s that produced bands like the Clash, which the Slits toured with, and the Sex Pistols. Punk music was more about attitude then musical skills and the Slits fit right into this along with their male counterparts, their harsh sound and attitude earned them their punk credits, led by vocalist Ariane Forster (Ari Up), drummer Paloma Romero (Palmolive) guitarist Viv Albertine, and bassist Tessa Pollitt.

The original line up was all female and this did gain the Slits a bit more notoriety among the punk rock boys, however drummer Palmolive left to join the all female punk pop band the Raincoats, the Slits carried on with several…

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