At the End of the Day

The Slog

Professor G. Rassyknoll of the Moscow School of Random Dot-Joining has accepted a post at the European Commission in Brussels as its Head of Steam. His task will be to present regularly occurring supercharged droplets of mass deception as economic data. In particular, he will endeavour to explain the methods being employed with the best of intentions by Signor Draghi of the European Central Bank in his quest to comply with up to and including none of the codicils of the Lisbon Treaty.

Professor Rassyknoll has a PhD in the study of sub-atomic Elysian Fields, and in 2009 received the Nobel Prize for his work in the construction of post-numerate bollock particles and the nature of their circumvention of horsesh*t.


merkhollPresident Francois Hollande pledged today that he would carry out long overdue reforms of France’s pension system and labour markets, but only if Angela Merkel would stop looking like…

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