Magnitude 7.0 earthquake gently rocks Wellington, NZ

The Extinction Protocol

May 28, 2013NEW ZEALANDThe equivalent of a magnitude 7 quake is quietly rocking the capital, though until now you’d have only noticed it if you were a geophysicist. The huge underground movement called the Kapiti Slip is responsible, and it’s not over yet.  “This is what we call a silent earthquake,” Geonet scientist Caroline Little said on Firstline this morning. “Instead of this movement happening in seconds, this will take around a year to move.” Normal earthquakes release all their energy when one side of a fault suddenly slips past the other, and can be incredibly destructive – as the people of Christchurch know all too well. But in a silent earthquake the energy is released slowly, and in some cases can be predicted in advance. “We started recording with the GPS network in 2002, and since then this is the third Kapiti event we’ve seen,”…

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