Playing memory games on this week’s TED Radio Hour

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How do you keep memories? And how much can you trust those preservations? This week’s TED Radio Hour, “Memory Games,” looks at recollections versus actual experiences, sorts through our tendency to create false memories, and unpacks how we can actually enhance our ability to remember.

Forensic psychologist Scott Fraser starts the hour. He is the guy called upon by attorneys or prosecutors when they have issues with a witness’s statement. Fraser discusses the importance of implanted memories — believing that you remember something that is the result of “post-experience information” — which is akin to what happens when a photograph or a story from our parents lead us to recall an experience that we may not actually remember. These false memories may seem innocent enough, but when on the witness stand of a murder trial, it could lead to wrongful conviction.

Next, Nobel laureate Daniel Kahneman reveals his…

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