Louis Aragon: The military: parasite and defender of parasitism

For peace, against war: literary selections


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Louis Aragon: Selections on war


Louis Aragon
From The Bells of Basel (1934)
Translated by Haakon Chevalier


«If I lend money not to Pierre de Sabran but to the Turks to massacre the Greeks, or to the English to make hash of the Hindus, or to the French – let’s not forget the French! – to enable them to treat themselves to morocco leather vests? Then I’m no longer a usurer, I ‘live on my income,’ I go and clip my coupons, I am respected by my concierge. I can do even better if I chuck enough cash into some racket or other in which the government is interested. I’ll be given the Legion of Honor on the 14th of July, and I’ll have the right to be buried at the state’s expense with…

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