The Slog

Net closing on Troikanauts as Lagarde faces French Court

dragglumDraghi, M. aka Supermario. Italian gangster and former Goldman Sachs 5-Star witch running the ECB prong of the Troika. Wanted for questioning in relation to disappearance of:

* Eurozone capital-flight data

* Bondholders’ rights in relation to Greek bailout

* Depositors’ rights in relation to Cyprus bailin

* Industrial-scale countefeiting of euro currency

laghair  Lagarde, C. aka Frufru Sanscerveau. US Fed’s Moll and former French finance minister running the IMF Money-laundering ponzi or ‘US Foreign Policy Facilitator’ prong. Wanted for questioning in relation to:

* Her knowledge of Third Grade Mathematics

* The convenient removal of Dominique Strauss-Kahn

* $350m payment to Bernard Tapie (Court appearance 23.5.13)

rompberkRompuy, H. van aka The Skull. Joint President of the EC Troikanaut (Belgian Regiment) prong and Japanese doggerelista. Wanted for questioning in relation to:

* Species

* Collapse of the Belgian State


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