Sweden: «It looks like NATO proponents have advanced their positions»

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The Local
May 16, 2013

More Swedes in favour of joining Nato: poll
The number of Swedes who support joining Nato has gone up by 9 percentage points since 2011, a new opinion poll has revealed


The Svenska Dagbladet (SvD) newspaper reported on Thursday that support for potential membership of the military alliance has increased.

Thirty-two percent of survey respondents stated that they were in favour of Sweden joining Nato. Two years ago, that number was 23 percent.

The proportion of Swedes who firmly want to stay out of Nato has gone down in the same period. The new poll showed that two in five Swedes say no to joining, down from 2011 when half of Swedes had the same attitude.

«It looks like Nato proponents have advanced their positions,» political scientist Ulf Bjereld told SvD.

He said that debate in recent months about Sweden’s military capacity had likely stirred…

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