The Greek Bakery: Bread & So Much More

Νότια του Βασιλείου της Δανιμαρκίας

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Demetrios Georgalas‘s insight:

The delicious Greek pies (pites) are the most popular snacks. Tyropita (cheese pie) and spanakopita (spinachpie) are staples, each bakery prepares different filling versions, according to season, tradition and local produce, including ham, sausage, leek, chicken, eggplant, olives etc  Fournos is also rich with pastry goods: their star products are "koulourakia" and "voutimata", cookies in many flavours and biscotti to dip into coffee, while a variety of seasonal cakes and sweets are also to be found on the fournos’ shelves and baskets. Most bakeries also offer an assortment of freshly-cut sandwiches.

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